What We Do

We offer a variety of accounting and advisory services to better equip you and your business.

Services offered through DeVoe Carr, PLLC.

  • General Accounting including full service accounting, tax planning and preparation, IRS representation, payroll and bookkeeping services, small business and planning services.
  • Assurance and Accounting Advisory including services for auditing and reviewing financial statements, internal control reviews, financial forecasts and projections, employee benefit plan audits.
  • Tax Consulting & Compliance including services for planning tax strategies and asset management, tax return preparation and analysis, tax reporting, assessing tax consequences related to asset distributions, estate and gift taxation matters, legal settlements for business and individuals.
  • Valuation including services for family limited partnerships, business succession planning, mergers & acquisitions, bankruptcy, foreclosures, liquidation, reorganizations, estate & gift.
  • Litigation Support & Consulting including case research services, serving as expert witnesses or objective consultants, fraud detection and testimony, calculation of lost profits, calculation of damages including services to quantify amounts relation to punitive damages, personal injury, wrongful death, and employment discrimination.
  • Divorce Planning including services to value marital assets, preparing financial statements, determining alimony or child support payments, achieving equitable settlements, discovering “hidden” assets, budgeting and planning for the future.
  • Forensic Accounting including services for fraud detection, expert witness testimony, discovery assistance, damage computation, bankruptcy claims investigation and analysis, &determination of compliance.